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Cloaks are all custom made to order based on measurements.  We offer a wide variety of styles and materials, and are happy to work with you to create a custom cloak of your dreams!

The Kat Cloak is our full length cloak, intended to hang just around your ankles.  The Kat Cloak starts at $209.

The Robin Cloak is a mid length cloak, hanging about halfway down your thigh.  The Robin Cloak starts at $129.

The Dani Cloak is a short cloak, which covers to about your elbows.  The Dani Cloak starts at $109.

The Jules is a victorian inspired cape, which will help keep your shoulders, upper arms, and back warmer.  The Jules starts at $99.

The Alexstra is a novelty cloak, meant to warm you with the embrace of your very own dragon.  The Alexstra starts at $179.

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