Above- Amber and I, Spring 2011.

Tess, my first horse, and I between 2000-2002.  Above/Right is a jousting costume I made for a school project.  Above/Left is a "Lady in White" costume we wore while performing for a haunted hayride.  

Above and Left- Amber and I at shows in 2016/2018.


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Horseback Riding, Crafting, and Art are my three biggest passions, aside from my family of wonderful people and pets. I love to make things and am always up for a challenge.

I began sewing and doing yarn crafts as a child with my grandmothers and my mom.  I feel that I was incredibly lucky to have three wonderful teachers helping me to hone my skills from a very young age.  Since then my appreciation for creating things and bringing my dreams to life has never faded.

I started riding horses when I was 8 years old. As a child, I made silly costumes for the horses I rode for various halloween and holiday barn parties and events.  Shortly after I began making my own saddle pads and polo wraps in many different styles.  

My current horse, Amber, is a Clydesdale Cross who just doesn't fit into standard horse sized items!  I began making my own fly bonnets because I was tired of the difficulty of finding ones that fit her, and disappointed by the limited selection of colors and options.  Friends and barn-mates took notice of my work and began asking if I could make some items for them.  The requests continued to come in and "Kins' Customs" was created!

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-Jilikins "Kins" Darosh

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