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Jilikins on Her Horse Amber

Kins' Customs offers custom equipment and apparel tailored specifically to your (and your horse's) needs. If you're curious about having something made please send us a message!



Horseback Riding, Crafting, and Art are three of Jill's biggest passions, aside from her family of wonderful people and pets.  Jill began sewing and doing yarn crafts as a child with her grandmothers and mother.    Since then her appreciation for creating things and bringing dreams to life has never faded.

Jill's current horse, Amber, is a Clydesdale Cross who just doesn't fit into standard horse sized items!  She began making custom own fly bonnets due to the difficulty of finding ones that fit Amber and the disappointment of the limited selection of colors and styles. 

Friends and barn-mates took notice of Jill's work and began asking to have their own custom items made.  The requests continued to come in and "Kins' Customs" was created!

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