Is your magnificent beast truly a magical fae creature deep down inside? Is there a glimmering horn missing from between their eyes, or a pair of magestic wings hinding along their sides?  Let's be real for a moment, all of our horses are truly magical, so don't they deserve to look the part?


Maybe you need a hand carved unicorn horn!  They are designed so they can tie to a browband and do not require a hole to be punched in your tack.  They are light weight, sealed, and adorned with beautiful fake flowers.  


The flower color, horn color, and size of the horn is completely customizable!  Shown are Silver and Rose Gold horns with Sunflowers, Coral/Teal, Teal/White flowers.  These horns ranged from 8" down to 6.5".  


I am happy to work with you on custom sizing or costuming designs!  Since I hand make these horns, we could truly make them massive if you wanted. ;P

Have questions?  Please feel free to send us a message!

Unicorn Horns

  • Pastel Rainbow and Bright Rainbow Available!