Surcingles pads allow the rider to protect their surcingle from the sweat an dirt of working their equine partners, while still being able to see the movement through the horse's back! 


These pads are designed to velcro around your surcingle to allow for easy on and off and stability, plus because they're smaller than a standard saddle pad, tossing them in the washing machine is even easier! Just fasten the velco straps together so the don't catch anything (lint, debris, anything else you may be washing), and wash on cool with mild deterget (no bleach please!). 


You can also pop them in the dryer on low, just nothing too hot because we do use cotton, and it can shrink or warp under excessive heat!


If you're looking for a specific color for the pad or the binding, please feel free to drop up a message.  At the moment certain colors for both the pad and binding may be tough to get in stock due to the high demand for cotton fabrics to make masks, however we will do everything we can to fulfill your order within our normal turn-around-time.  

Surcingle Pad

Binding Color