Is your equine mount a true Royal?  Do they turn their nose up at the mundane and ordinary, only to be satiated by the most "extra" and pampered of treatment?  Or maybe they're just a royal PITA!  Hah! Make it clear to everyone around just how Royal your mount is with our Crown Bonnet! 


These are hand crocheted crown bonnets!  They feature a crocheted crown around the ears of the bonnet!


The bonnets and the crown can be made in any of the colors seen, just follow along with the prompts below to customize your bonnet.  


I am happy to work with you on custom sizing and have a measuring chart if you would like to provide specific measurements of your horse to ensure a good fit.


Have questions?  Please feel free to send us a message!

Crown Bonnet

  • Pastel Rainbow and Bright Rainbow Available!